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Blue Jean Networks has been serving the Fort Worth area since 2008, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

8 Tips to a Great Company Meeting

Company meetings are a real pain for some. They last too long, take too much time, waste resources and more. Have you ever been in a meeting and calculated the cost of the meeting? Add up the bill rates around the room, and you will get a real shocker. Your meeting time is REALLY EXPENSIVE, and so should not be wasted, but almost always is.


Poorly run companies have terrible meetings. Great companies have great meetings. It is your job to make the meeting great! A great meeting should be as fun as going to the movies. Relevant information is discussed, it is argued by your staff, and then you settle on your strategy for execution.  At the end of the meeting, you should be energized, not sapped of your strength.


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Don't Let Your Job Ruin Thanksgiving!!


One Minute Wednesday - Work from Home!! (wow???)


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Why would your boss call on Thanksgiving!! Or in your case, is it a client?  Either way, they want this file, and it is at the office, and to get it, you are going to have to leave the great table set before you and head out to the office on a holiday.

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What EPCOT Center does well, that You get, too!!

I'm here at Epcot Center talking about security. Disney does security GREAT! (see the video)

As our cleint, you are receiving a level of security that generally, only pure security firms provide. It begins out on the internet, where we filter your email for threats, as well as spam. Then we use OpenDNS to ensure you can't get to infected web servers. Next we use a Unified Threat Management firewall on your network, to filter viruses and other threat attack vectors.

Next we use Anti-Virus software on your workstations and servers to get threats that other people bring into your environment. 

We lock down your PCs so even if you wanted to, you could not install a virus by accident. Lastly we run anti-malware software against your PCs for those sneaky ones that get through.

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One Minute Wednesday - BJN Connect

Welcome to One Minute Wednesdays.

Today I want to tell you about BJN Connect. BJN Connect is a program we have installed to most of the PCs we support to give you even more access to BJN.From BJN Connect you can open a service request (we call these "tickets"), chat about the ticket, check on what has been done on your ticket, find training, check on invoices (if you are in accounting) and more.To find it, click on the triangle or "^" in your System Tray (lower right corner of the screen near the clock) and click on the icon that looks like our Logo.Poke around in BJN Connect and see if it doesn't offer you some real alternatives for communicating with BJN!

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Level3 Suffering Major Outage

Level3 Suffering Major Outage

 Yesterday 8/27/2015, Level3 networks ( apparently had a serious, nationwide outage of their portion of the Internet backbone, causing access to websites and cloud servers to be somewhat iffy, to all the way unavailable.

Sites such as Yahoo Mail, PSN, Xbox Live, Outlook, BT, Twitch, HBO Go, Craisgslist and many others rely on Level3 for backbone or primary services, leaving users of these networks screaming for help, or just going home to Smart TVs which were no longer smart, and game consoles that were suddenly single user systems.


A picture from the site showed the level of serious outages they have experienced. Orange is the higest level of issue, and it was systemic and widespread.

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